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Flash Duplicator
HDD Duplicator
1 Can I duplicate HDDs between source and target have different capacity ? Click here to expand / collapse
  You can copy HDDs with different capacity.  But you should be aware of the copy mode you do. If you do the quick data and system copy,
duplicator will analyze if the data are located within the target capacity, it out of target capacity, it is not allowed to duplicate.  If are copying
NTFS format, the capacity of target HDD must be at least 1MB bigger than the source.
2 The HDD duplicated by data and system quick copy mode, does target can work as the same as source HDD ? Click here to expand / collapse
  The duplicator can bit by bit duplicate the source HDD even the quick copy. The quick copy will analyze the HDD first, and duplicate all system
  and file of the source.
3 Can you support 3TB HDD duplication ? Click here to expand / collapse
4 Can I copy IDE HDD ? Click here to expand / collapse
  IT series can support to copy with a SATA-IDE converter. Please contact your distributor for purchasing the converter.
5 Can I copy SAS/SCSI HDD ? Click here to expand / collapse
  Not yet.
6 Why copy fail ? Click here to expand / collapse
There are few possible reasons might cause copy fail.
1. First of all, please check if the data in the source HDD has exceeded the target HDD.
2. If you are copying NTFS, the capacity of target HDD must be at least 1MB bigger than the source HDD.
3. If the copy stop and fail during the copy process, please check if the there are too many bad track in target or source HDD. You might
  increase the toleration of bad sector by Function 6.2 Skip Error.
4. If you can’t find the reason, please record the operation process as detail as possible in order to help us to examine your issue. a. how do
  you operate the duplicator ? b. the model number and version c. the brand, capacity , data size , format and partition of both source and
  target HDD. d. what is the problem and how is the LCD shows with pictures attached will be helpful. Please download the support form
  from the website and we will help us as soon as possible.
7 Why copy slow ? Click here to expand / collapse
There are few reasons will cause copy slow, 
1. The speed limitation of HDD , please check the HDD by PC.
2. Please check if you put HDD as 0 degree horizontal or 180 degree vertical. Due to the design of HDD itself, any dip will slow the speed of
  HDD reading or writing.
3. If you are coping multi HDD at one time, please check if copy slow only happened on few fixed targets. It might because the connector
  module has damaged by usage. You might connect your local seller to change new connector module or mobile rack.
8 How can I make sure the accuracy of copy ? Click here to expand / collapse
You can use Function 2. Compare to compare the source and target HDD bit by bit to ensure the data correctness.